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Strong & Starlike Consulting, Inc. Client Testimonials 

"I have truly enjoyed collaborating with Tisidra to create historically-based theatrical performances around the life of Harriet Scott. Her legal and scholarly background helped provide a firm grounding for her characterization in the historical record, and her artistry brought life into the stories which are so often left dull and dry in textbooks. Tisidra brought a sensitivity to our collaboration as she sought to meld her artistic vision with our educational goals. This resulted in truly powerful performances that engaged people of all ages and backgrounds. She strives to bring humanity to people of the past, and challenge us in the present day to consider their legacy to our lives now."

~ Nonprofit Arts Based Civic Engagement Client

"We needed our program idea transformed into a comprehensive program plan -- concept to evaluation. Tisidra was able to immediately step in, grasp our vision and quickly frame and document a program model in what is normally a 6-9 month process, in only 3 months. She quickly adapted her process to meet our demanding schedules and shifting priorities while helping us work through key decisions points and many project complexities. More than a consultant, Tisidra turned out to be a real partner bringing unique industry expertise, best practices and real-world solutions to the intricate challenges that came up along the way. There were many moving parts to this fast-tracked project and Tisidra's impeccable project management skills kept both the project and our team on track. In the end, she delivered a turnkey product on time, within budget and scope, far exceeding our team's expectations."


~Governmental Entity Client

References from Clients Above Available Upon Request
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