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Mission: To create systems that increase individual and community access to information, knowledge, and financial opportunities that help them thrive economically.


Vision: To shift systems in cities and nations towards increased transparency and measurable economic impact and outcomes for the people who live there.


What We Believe: Change your system-change your outcome. Systems designed with intention can create space for impactful outcomes. A system is a set of things working together: your organization’s framework. These are the policies, programs, and practices your organization has developed and upholds.


We partner with clients equipped to develop and implement systems that create pathways for economic access and opportunities for individuals and communities at the local, state, and national levels.


You may find examples of case studies here.


"Strong & Starlike is organized, thoughtful, and a helpful project manager who works to keep our hectic team on task. They are able to deliver the results of their work in a well-designed format, helpful when navigating heavily complicated and detailed information. Were it not for the consistency and project management of the Strong & Starlike team, I'm certain there's no way we would have completed this reporting on time. Thank you :)".

~ Accountability Tracking & Compliance Service Client 

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