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We work with government entities and nonprofit clients. Please click below for a full list of services we offer to support you.



A picture is worth a thousand words... so is a case study. Please click below for examples of our work.




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Why Work with Strong & Starlike Consulting, Inc.?

Through years of experience working with government and nonprofit entities, we at Strong & Starlike Consulting, Inc. are familiar with the specific needs of our clients. We work with government entities and nonprofits seeking to build programs, engage communities, and draft policies and procedures to develop the infrastructure they need. We are the outside perspective that will take you from idea to implementation.

We are an outside consulting firm that values teamwork. As your teammate, we are here to help do the heavy lifting on our specific project, so you can focus on everything else on your plate. We work with you on assessing your goals and needs. We ensure that we have the right consulting team in place to meet your needs. Through our project management, we will help to drive the project to ensure things continue to move forward. As a team, we believe in providing updates and clear pathways for communication, so everyone is informed. We also believe in asking the difficult questions to ensure the best product outcome. Lastly, we believe in leaving our clients with a finished product that allows you to implement the next phase of your work... and if you do not have the capacity to implement, we can help you with that, as well!


Please check out our Projects page for examples of our work

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