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We are systems change agents. We design systems with outcomes in mind. You organization’s systems are the policies, programs, and practices your organization has developed and upholds. We work with our clients through providing the consulting services on the top row below. 

We also believe in helping the staff at our client’s organization and the community members our clients serve navigate systems through our educational offerings noted on the bottom row below. Let us help you change your systems, so you can change your outcomes.

Assessment & Engagement

Implementation & Infrastructure Building

Accountability Tracking & Compliance

When creating a new policy or program it is important to listen to the people who will have to administer it (staff) and navigate it (your community). We conduct assessments and engagements to inform policy, programmatic, and procedural recommendations.

We assist clients with implementing the recommendations we provide through services like program design; work plan and KPI development; policy creation; procedural creation; program launch; staff training on new program; and onboarding.

When goals and KPIs are set, to make an impact they should be tracked to ensure they are met. We use data dashboards to assist clients in meeting goals and monitoring compliance with things like grant requirements.


When we develop a new policy or program we can also develop a training for our client’s staff and their community. We also offer training opportunities found on our Resource Portal here.


Foundations and associations hire us to create workshops for their members or grantees on topics such as succession planning and infrastructure building. We also periodically offer civic education workshops found on our Resource Portal here.

Speaking Engagements

Organizations and entities may book our team members to speak and present servings as a keynote speaker, member meeting presenter, or conference speaker.


Please click on the images below to learn more about who we work with and the services we offer each.

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