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Strong & Starlike's services for all clients fall into two categories: Consulting Services or Educational Services.

Consulting Services: 

  • Assessment & Engagement Services: Prior to creating a new policy or program we believe it is important to engage those who will have to navigate what will be created. 

  • Infrastructure Building: To implement something that may be last, it needs a strong infrastructure and foundation. We design programs that are informed by engagement as well as create the tools needed to launch a new efforts.

  • Accountability & Storytelling: Being able to demonstrate impact and holding oneself accountable is important. We can collaborate with you on setting your metric goals and finding ways to tell the story of your impact.

Educational Services: 

  • Civic Education Workshop and Continuing Education: We collaborate with partners to deliver programs that help people navigate systems that impact their daily lives. 

  • Workshops and Training Session on Materials Created: For any client who we design a program, such as a supplier diversity program, we can design a training on this for enterprise-wide staff education on how to use and navigate the program tools.

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