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Business Inclusion Client

Client Type: Government Entity

Ask of Us: The community’s downtown was changing demographically by age and ethnicity of the business owners and the entity wanted to connect more with the new businesses and have programs and resources that were accessible to all and that their constituents were aware of how to locate them.

Services Provided:

  • (1) Assessment & Engagement

  • (2) Infrastructure Building.


We engaged small businesses and minority-owned businesses in their downtown area through interviews to better understand challenges and opportunities for their businesses, as well as to understand if they were aware of City programs and resources.


We summarized the results in detailed recommendations that were informed by both (1) market and policy research specific to the area and (2) input from the City’s business owners. One of the final deliverables included a work plan to aid in implementation of changes.


Results of the Effort: The City ultimately voted on adopting the work plan and progressing with implementing changes recommended.

Accountability Tracking & Compliance Client

Client Type: Nonprofit Economic Development Organization

Ask of Us: The nonprofit was the recipient of grant funds to infuse capital into the marketplace to assist organizations and businesses. The organization needed help in assessing their efforts; tracking their goals; and meeting the funder reporting requirements with a data and community centered lens.

Services Provided:

  • (1) Assessment & Engagement

  • (2) Accountability Tracking & Compliance


We engaged recipients of funds to provide feedback to the client on the impact of the capital as well as their program efforts. We also created data visualization solutions to highlight their efforts in real time that allowed for ongoing course correction. We advised and coached on potential strategies in light of what were learning from the data.


Results of the Effort: The nonprofit was able to better tell their impact story and report on their funder requirements.

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