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We understand the challenges nonprofits face in balancing the amazing work being done to further a mission that makes a difference in communities and the time, energy and resources needed to run the organization. We are here to offer the additional capacity you need now to accomplish your organizational infrastructure and community engagement goals. We do this in less time than it would take to train new staff and for less money than it would cost to bring on new full-time employees.
  • Project management

  • Succession planning

  • Program design and development

  • Research and analysis

  • Operational support and infrastructure creation (researching & drafting policies, procedures, handbooks and toolkits)

  • Infrastructure planning

  • Small, minority-owned and women-owned vendor inclusion/ supplier diversity program development, implementation and compliance monitoring

  • Strategic partnership development

  • Civic and community engagement

  • Focus groups

  • In-depth interviews

  • Survey development, administration and analysis

  • Accountability metrics, evaluation and tracking

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