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Gerardo Fontes


From Gerardo Fontes
Policy Coordinator | Scholar | Advocate

A quote I stand by:

"Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself "

~Walt Whitman

Why do you do this work?

Coming from an immigrant background and both of my parents being entrepreneurs has taught me that success is not a given for everyone, there exists inherent barriers for some and not for others. These distinct differences in opportunities are what motivate me to make the path easier for others to succeed, because barriers will always exist and it takes support from others to overcome them.

My Story

Gerardo Fontes (he/him/his), is originally from Caracas, Venezuela but immigrated and was raised in South Florida. He is currently attending Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, where he is majoring in International Studies and Political Science with a minor in Economics and History. On-campus, Gerardo is a marketing team member of the JHU Foreign Affairs Symposium and part of the Hopkins Political Science Steering Committee.


In his free time, Gerardo enjoys watching all kinds of sports from Formula 1 to soccer, as well as reading by the pool or beach and trying new foods. 

My Proficiency

Highlights of Gerardo

  • Published articles for the Alliance of Citizen Engagement on a variety of topics with a focus on Latin America. Including an article discussing the 2021 and 2022 presidential elections in Ecuador, Chile, and Honduras, with a focus on their implications for regional politics and US relations.

  • As a member in the Johns Hopkins Foreign Affair Symposium team in 2022, we were able to bring over 1,000 attendees to over 10 speaker events, including the Former UN High Commission on Human Rights, Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalists, and Nobel Peace Prize Nominees.

  • Wrote and published an article titled “The Untold Story of War in Paraguay” for the Johns Hopkins Foreign Affairs Review in their Spring 2022 Edition

Blog Post


I welcome new and exciting opportunities to build something impactful.

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