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Strong & Starlike creates programs that last beyond the pilot period

Scope: Create an inclusive procurement training for enterprise-wide staff.
  • ​Draft and finalize an entity specific (1) in- person curriculum for vendor inclusion training for staff and (2) self-guided virtual curriculum for vendor inclusion training for staff.
  • Draft and finalize evaluation metrics for training participants (pre- and post-training).
  • Advise on ongoing continued professional development for staff beyond the initial training.
Challenge to Opportunity: The client sought to develop and pilot a training on why inclusive procurement practices were important for their entity and how staff may navigate their policies, procedures and tools to do this. Since developing this training was new, we piloted this effort by conducting one two-day training. After the pilot, the training was so well received the client added 5 additional training sessions and the creation of a self-guided training curriculum. As of 2022, staff are still completing the self-guided training. 
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