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We understand how busy government employees are and that sometimes the budget does not allow for a new full-time employee. We are here to offer the additional capacity you need now to accomplish you goals on time, cost effectively and with quality deliverables.
  • Project management / coordination

  • Succession planning

  • Public program design, development and management

  • Web content drafting for new programs designed

  • Drafting department and agency policies, procedures and practices

  • Outreach/ community engagement

  • Civic engagement

  • Survey development and administration

  • Research and analysis

  • Equal opportunity policies, programs and compliance

  • Small, minority-owned and women-owned vendor inclusion/ supplier diversity programs research and design

  • Pre-disparity study vendor program and practices assessments

  • Post- disparity study policy and program creation

  • Race and gender neutral (SBE) and race-conscious (MWBE) program design and implementation

  • MWBE mentor-protege program design and implementation

  • Piloting new programs

  • Temporary compliance and program staffing

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