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From Pratibha Kunwar
Certification & Outreach Specialist

A quote I stand by:

"Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies."

- Mother Teresa


Why do you do this work?

As an immigrant who relocated to this country in pursuit of a brighter future, I have observed that many individuals often refrain from taking advantage of the numerous opportunities available to them due to a lack of information. This country offers a wealth of benefits and resources that can significantly enhance one's quality of life and professional prospects. However, accessing and utilizing these opportunities requires a certain level of awareness and knowledge. Therefore, I am deeply committed to reaching out to those who feel lost or overwhelmed. My goal is to guide them towards the countless opportunities available, helping them navigate the system and make informed decisions. By providing accurate and comprehensive information, I hope to empower others to achieve their goals and contribute positively to society. Through targeted outreach and support, we can ensure that everyone has the chance to benefit from the opportunities this country offers, fostering a more inclusive and prosperous community for all.

My Story

I am originally from Nepal, moved to USA 6 years ago. I am recently graduated from South Dakota State University with Masters in Data Science.

My hobbies include hiking and dancing.

My Proficiency

Highlights of Pratibha

  • Data Review Specialist & Compliance Analyst with 4+ year of experience in evaluating data system, ensuring regulatory compliance and conducting risk assessments in the financial sector.

  • I possess versatile skill sets that encompasses a broad spectrum of techniques, such as a machine learning, data modeling and data visualization.


I welcome new and exciting opportunities to build something impactful.

Let's connect.

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